The Patient's Perspective highlights real-life stories of patients who have found ways to have the best quality of life possible with Parkinson's Disease. Read below to find inspiration and hope on your journey with PD. 

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I had no clue as I drove to the neurologist’s office 9 years ago, that my life was about to change forever. After hearing that I had Parkinson’s, the initial thoughts swirling through my head were: how will this impact my husband and my two beautiful children, the youngest just starting middle school? After getting confirmation about my Parkinson’s diagnosis (PD) by two other movement disorders specialists, I realized two things: 1) I couldn’t reverse my Parkinson’s since there was no cure for it & 2) what I could control was my attitude towards it so that I could live the best life possible.

  Meet Faye Elahi.

Having battled Parkinson's Disease for nearly a decade, Faye shares with us her story of how exercise, medication, and a positive attitude has enabled her to live her best life with PD. 

So instead of wallowing in negativity, I vowed to find the best available therapies to help slow down the progress of my disease while staying engaged in my life. Perhaps, most importantly, I made a pact with myself to enjoy every moment of it! A couple of months after being diagnosed, I started Physical Therapy specific to my needs followed by acupuncture, Tai Chi, yoga and meditation, Rock Steady Boxing, and stationary bicycling.

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